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This website is the home page of Michael Levin. I am a 24 year old Computer Science masters student at Stanford University.

Feel free to contact me about anything you find here.

CellWriter   An open source, multilingual, grid-entry handwriting recognition input panel for Linux Tablet PCs. Plutocracy   An open-source, real-time strategy game heavily focused on economy and trade in a 1600s Caribbean setting.
Debian Tablet PC Howto   A practical guide to installing Debian Linux onto a Tablet PC and getting the most out of your software. Tremulous Mods   Arcade, Heaven of Relics, Domination, and other modifications to the open source, Gloom-like FPS.
Connect-k   The only open source program to play the general Connect-k family of games. Fable: Bugs & Exploits   I wrote and continue to maintain a guide to amusing things to try in Lionhead's buggy RPG.
Card Games   My high school friends and I invented some ingenious new card games to pass the time. I explain the rules here. Public Files   Browse the publicly available downloads on this server.